The famous Austrian composer Franz Schubert composed one of his most renowned songs - "the Lindentree" - in the romantic setting of the former mill.


Franz Schubert, the maestro of the romantic music perion, allegedly composed the "Lindentree", which forms part of the song cycle "Winterreise" - in the Höldrichsmühle.

Between 1820 and 1826 Franz Schubert and his frieds repeatedly visited the former mill, which was then already an inn. They enjoyed walking in the beautiful nature in the area.

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Schubert Flyer in four languages (d,e,ital, jap)

The Höldrichsmühle is one of the oldest buildings on the road to the Heiligenkreuz.

In the ups and downs during the centuries, the Höldrichsmühle changed from an administrative building for vineyards into a mill. In 1786 the miller began serving guests food and drink.

At the turn of the 18th to 19th century the Höldrichsmühle became a popular guest house and place to visit.

In 1902 the mill was shut down due to industrialisation of the mill business. Towards the end of World War 2 the Höldrichsmühle was heavily damaged. After the war it was rebuilt by Eva and Ernst Moser into a popular restaurant.

In den 90-er Jahren wurde das Hotel und Restaurant unter der Leitung von Erich und Irene Moser erweitert und bietet heute moderne Einrichtungen gepaart mit dem Charme eines ehemaligen Mühlengasthofs.

historisches gemaelde der hoeldrichsmuehle von ernst graner 1928


The Vienna Woods has often been an attractive place for many people who worked in Vienna, yet found relaxation and inspiration in the beautiful area surrounding the former imperial city of the Habsburgs.

In 1786 the Höldrichsmühle extended it's business from working the mill to inn-keeper.