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Ready set go!
Ready set go!

Horse riding in the Vienna Woods

Just 17 km outside Vienna beginners and advanced riders enjoy high-level riding instruction on well-trained horses. 


Twenty horses, including Lipizzaners and ponies make up the team of horses at the Höldrichsmühle stable. 

High-quality training is offered to individuals or in small groups. 

Advanced riders can enjoy trail rides through the nearby Vienna Woods. 

A riding hall allows for training in all weather conditions. 

Summer camps are offered for children and adults.


Vaulting is becoming an increasingly popular sport.

Vaulting - or gymnastics on the back of a horse - can be done by young children beginning at the age of four or five. 

Vaulting is also an ideal introduction to horse riding. It allows beginners to become aquainted with horses and their movements in a natural way.